Planning a wedding abroad can be quite distressful endeavour. MALTA EVENT DESIGN has some answers for the most frequently asked questions.

1. Will my wedding in Malta be recognised overseas?

Yes, Civil Weddings in Malta are recognised as legal worldwide in the manner described by that particular country’s laws.

2. Can i get married in Malta even if i don't live there?

Yes, of course.

3. Can my partner and i get married in Malta if we are already married in another country?

No You can have a symbolic ceremony and celebration, but you can’t apply for a second marriage.

4. What documents are required to get married in Malta?

The required procedures are quite straightforward: official documentations vary on a case-by-case basis. MALTA EVENT DESIGN will guide you well in advance to ensure that you procure the right documentation in time.

5. Are Same-Sex Marriages legal in Malta?

Yes, Same Sex Civil Unions are legal in Malta.

6. Are there any differences between same-sex civil union and opposite-sex marriages?

No, all the respective benefits, rights and responsibilities are equal.

7. Are there any differences in the marriage process between same-sex and opposite-sex couples?


8. Will our Same-Sex Civil Union be recognised outside Malta?

Yes, a Same-Sex Civil Union registered in Malta can be legally registered and recognised as valid in all countries which recognise same-sex marriage.

9. Where in Malta can i have a Same-Sex Civil Union?

Anywhere in a public area! At MALTA EVENT DESIGN we’ve got a list of unique venues which we are sure you will love!

10. How do I apply for the marriage banns?

MALTA EVENT DESIGN will provide you with all the necessary information and shall be the point of reference between you and the Maltese Marriage Registry. You just prepare the paperwork and let us do the rest!

11. How many days should we arrive before our wedding day?

It is recommended that you arrive in Malta at least three days before the wedding day.

12. Do we have to live in Malta for some time?


13. How will I obtain the Marriage Certificates?

MALTA EVENT DESIGN will send you your Marriage Certificate to your home address, wherever you are in the world.

14. What options do we have for locations?

In an area of just 121 square miles, Malta offers a wide range of beautiful locations: venues of historical importance, villas, sea view venues, garden venues, quaint picturesque small churches, baroque large churches, cliff-edge areas and more!

15. Why should i hire a Wedding Planner?

There are logistical matters to attend to such as the timing of events; who are the reputable and licensed vendors; any restrictions, cultural and /or religious differences: we are here to guide you and to take care of all these concerns. You will save time and money as well as your sanity so you can actually enjoy your wedding day!

16. What types of Weddings do MALTA EVENT DESIGN accommodate?

All; being it Civil Weddings, Same-Sex Civil Unions, Church Weddings, other Religious Weddings, symbolic ceremonies, etc.

17. What services do you offer?

At MALTA EVENT DESIGN we can offer management and design services for your wedding planning needs. We offer Full Wedding Planning & Management: from BASIC, to COMPREHENSIVE and EXTENSIVE plans. We can take care of your legalities only! We do offer Pre-Designed Wedding Packages and Be-spoke Wedding Packages though we are also renowned for Special Travel Management on the Maltese Islands such as Honeymoon Planning, Stag & Hen Parties and other social activities and events.

18. How much communication will we have?

We can be in touch as much as you would like us to be!

19. How many Weddings and/or Events will you coordinate per day?

We believe in personal attention thus we only take one wedding or event per day!

20. Will you be at my actual wedding day?

Absolutely! We will personally be at your event

21. Are there Group Travel Discounts available?

Wedding parties frequently qualify for Group Travel Discounts depending on the size of the group. Please contact us for your personalised quote.

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