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Malta, a land of inspiring potential: a former British colony and a member of the EU, the place where you and your guests can be immersed in 7000 years of history. The most densely populated country in Europe but still having breath-taking landscapes with some unique, pristine tucked away gems. Its capital, the World Heritage city of Valletta, European Cultural City 2018, is a cultural and commercial hub: the place where you can have your Wedding Ceremony, overlooking the Grand Harbour; the place facilitating international trade for thousands of years. The sister island of Gozo, the island of Calypso, a jewel in the Mediterranean, is more rural, characterised by fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture. This is the place where simplicity is the luxury.

Having a bustling scene complimented by a relaxed and cultural social life-style, with a range of cafes, bars, clubs and boutique hotels. The hospitable locals giving you a warm welcome and professionals having a can-do mentality: the place where your dreams can come true.

All in 316 square kilometres! As a backdrop to the most important day of your life, having excellent flight connections, with daily flights to major European Cities, to the Middle East and to North Africa, Malta is the place to choose for your Destination.

Malta, the island where everything falls into place.

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