Fulfilling the magic of your dreams

It’s time to step into modern times. So take heart. Relax.  You have plenty of time to plan your wedding abroad. But your dreams will remain a mirage if you

This is how to add a Mediterranean twist to the wedding menu; the delicacy of irkotta.

Malta is not only sand and sea, but it is also culinary traditions. Then, what about experiencing the traditional artisan way of producing irkotta, one of the most traditional Maltese specialties?

Stocking Your Bar: What You Need to Know

STOCKING YOUR BAR AT YOUR WEDDING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW It does not take much to decide on your bar at your wedding reception.  It is like putting the

Appreciating the Value of the Megalithic Temples

The cultural heritage in Malta is one of the oldest and richest ones worldwide. Undoubtedly, the most important heritage sites are the Megalithic Temples, so much so that UNESCO included

Enjoying the Deliciousness of the Maltese Gastronomy

Tasting the local gastronomy of a place is a special experience. In fact, whenever people travel to a new destination, they do take the opportunity to get to know and taste the local cuisine.

How to organise your wedding in Malta, from home?

How to organise your wedding in Malta? This is an amazing experience; from the first moments of your engagement, right through to looking back at your wedding photos in years

Mulled Wine Recipe for festive events

Mulled wine is a spiced hot wine cocktail with many variations. Mulled Wine was never about being classy and the best recipes are quite easy to make. This is a Northern