Go, Go, Go… Gozo! Gozo, Malta’s sister island, is jam-packed with beauty. The natural scenery is magical; the historic locations are practically within walking distance from one another. Beautiful beaches;

A remarkable backdrop on your perfect day!

Your Wedding in Malta.  A Place To Call Your Own! Sun, sea, and sand. Foliage, flowers, and feathers. Wouldn’t it be great if you can say ‘‘yes’’ to the love

Tram69 is the perfect music band for an event in Malta!

Looking for a music band for your next big event in Malta? We met Tram69, Europe’s most popular event band. They played over 400 prestige weddings and events worldwide. Here

Need unique destination wedding souvenirs?

Wedding souvenirs? “Oh! That is another item on the list. How would it feel when you are invited to a wedding and receive that lovely small thank you gift which